The Board of Trustees is elected by the NGBs’ representatives in Congress each year at the Annual General Meeting. There are up to seven Trustees at any given time. Three are elected in odd years and four are elected in even years.

The Board of Trustees are responsible for managing the risk of the IQA and for ensuring it is protected legally, financially, and otherwise. They represent the interests of the NGBs in day-to-day management. They also bring substantial business, policy, and legal expertise to the IQA at an administrative level. In practice, tasks of the Board of Trustees may include:

  • Approval of the annual budget,
  • Approval of organisation-wide policies,
  • Consultation with outside agencies or sport organizations,
  • Requesting reports on risk management procedures,
  • Amending the Constitution, and/or
  • Hiring the Executive Director.

At this point, the Board of Trustees meets every 2-6 weeks as needed.

Current Trustees are:

  • Nicholas Oughtibridge, chair (UK)
  • Luke Nickholds, vice-chair (NZ)
  • Andrew Marmer (US)
  • Alex Benepe (US)
  • Nicole Hammer (US)
  • Maggie Burlington (CAN)
  • Christina Verdirame (US)