Executive Board

Executive Director: Rebecca Alley

Rebecca is the Executive Director of the IQA. Her responsibilities include facilitating communication between operations volunteers and the Board of Trustees, policy creation, coordination of departments, and goal-setting and measurement for the IQA.

Rebecca began playing quidditch in Ottawa, Canada in 2011, and volunteered for Quidditch Canada as a Coach Resource Development Coordinator. She came to the IQA as the Executive Manager of the European Committee before taking the role of Executive Director, and now lives in Winnipeg, Canada.

President of Congress: Brian Gallaway

As President of Congress, Brian organizes and chairs all congresses and is responsible for communications between the Board of Trustees and all NGBs.

Brian is Canadian and has previous experience in sports administration through his first love, water polo. He now spends much of his time working for his quidditch team in Red Deer, Canada, and for the IQA. As his day job Brian works in software programming.

Finance Director: Vanessa Sliva

Vanessa’s role as Finance Director includes financial management and accountability, invoicing, maintaining accurate records, and creation of an annual budget.

She began playing quidditch in her first year of university. Vanessa has just finished her bachelor's degree in business and finance from the University of Texas and has work experience in accounting and consulting. Vanessa is excited to put her skills to use to ensure quidditch players for years to come can take part in the sport she has come to love.

IQA Secretary: Marco Ziegaus

Marco is the IQA's Secretary. He keeps minutes at Board of Trustees and Congress meetings and assists the Executive Director with her management and operations duties.

Marco started playing quidditch in Passau, Germany in 2015. Apart from his responsibilities within the IQA, he serves as secretary to DQB (German NGB) and participated in the organisation of various tournaments. Marco studies a Master's program in Embedded Systems at Uppsala University in Sweden.


Head of Business Development: Tom Ffiske

As Head of Business Development, Tom is responsible for seeking and following through with potential business and outreach opportunities for the IQA. This includes sponsorships, partnerships, and some external media.

Tom hails from the UK where he became involved in quidditch as a student at the University of Exeter. His previous work in quidditch includes coordinating the launch of the Quidditch Premier League in the UK, and working as the PR and marketing coordinator for QuidditchUK. When not working for quidditch, Tom works in public relations and blogs about immersive reality.

Head of Communications: Armand Cosseron

Armand’s main duty is to oversee consistent branding and external image of the IQA. He ensure a strong social media presence, oversees translation and works closely with other departments to reach the IQA goals and develop quidditch.

Armand has been involved in the quidditch community since 2014 and is currently attending the University of Paris - Sorbonne for his master's in communications. He has managed the FQF's communications department for the past 1.5 years, working to find crucial insights on the federation's and the teams' needs and then meet them through his communications strategies. Armand is now happy bring his energy to serve worldwide quidditch.

Translation team members: Claudio Svaluto, Oriana Pallaoro, Paula López Costoya, Camila Espinosa de los Monteros, Ariel Heiblum & Agathe Delépine
Graphic Designers: Jelmer Lokman, Noah Vissenberg & Erina Chavez
Social Media team members: Sarah Law
Writer: Edan Nissan


Referee Development Team Leader: Pauline Raes
Referee Development Team Members:

Information and Communications Technology

Website Manager: Michael Coffman
Referee Development Team website manager: Chris Johnson