The International Quidditch Association is comprised of national Quidditch Associations around the world, with representatives from all North and South America, Australia, New Zealand, Europe, Africa and Asia. These governing bodies are split into three distinct levels depending on their status. The three statuses are full member NGB, developing NGB and emerging area.

Full Members
There are currently 16 countries given the full membership status from Europe, to North and South America. Full member NGB's have a minimum of 3 teams, a governing body that is or will become a legal entity within 12 months of becoming a member, have volunteers or staff from at least three teams (or unaffiliated), and a culminating championship tournament.

The NGB's who are currently full members are:
Asociacion Argentina de Quidditch,
Quidditch Australia,
Belgian Quidditch Federation,
Quidditch Canada,
Associacio de Quidditch de Catalunya (Catalonia),
Federation du Quidditch Francais,
Deutscher Quidditchbund (Germany),
Associazione Italiana Quidditch,
Quidditch Mexico,
Quidditch Nederland,
Norges Rumpledunkforbund (Norway),
Asociacion Quidditch Espana (Spain),
Quidditch Association of Turkey,
Quidditch UK,
US Quidditch and
Polska Liga Quiddditcha (Poland).

Developing National Governing Bodies
The non-voting members are split into Developing National Governing Bodies and Emerging Areas. Developing NGB’s are countries that are not full member nations yet, but have NGB’s set up and some existing teams, with evidence of regular play. They have one representative in Congress but no vote.

Currently there are 8 countries with Developing status:
Quidditch Austria,
Associação Brasileira de Quadribol (Brazil),
Svenska Quidditchforbundet (Sweden),
Ceska Asociace Famfrpalu (Czech Republic),
Slovak Quidditch Association,
Quidditch Uganda,
Ireland, and

Emerging Areas
Finally, the International Quidditch Association also works with newly registered governing bodies in Emerging Areas with the idea that these areas will progress into developing NGB’s before joining the ranks as Full Members once their organisations are more established. Emerging areas have more than zero teams and are represented in Congress by their expansion volunteer.

Current Emerging Areas are:
Iceland Quidditch,
South Korea, and
New Zealand.

The membership meets at least once per year in the Annual General Meeting. At the AGM, members vote on Trustees for a two-year term, and may complete other functions such as approving new rulebooks or members. Congresses (meetings) may be called by the President of Congress to handle any exceptional matters that arise throughout the year.