IQA Commends India’s Decision to Allow Consensual Gay Sex

On Sept. 6, 2018, India’s Supreme Court, under outgoing Chief Justice Dipak Misra, struck down India’s ban on consensual gay sex.

Upon reading his ruling, Chief Justice Misra said, “Criminalising carnal intercourse is irrational, arbitrary and manifestly unconstitutional.”

“Punishment under Section 377 made the LGBT a closeted community, destroyed the identity of members and reached their dignity, all part of the right to life. The state has no business to get into controlling the private lives of LGBT community members or for that matter that of any citizen,” further opined Justice Dhananjaya Chandrachud.


Bids Wanted for 2019 Continental Games and 2020 IQA World Cup

After the 2018 IQA World Cup in Florence, Italy we received your solicited and unsolicited feedback. The overwhelming majority of the feedback indicated that IQA World Cup was disappointing and did not meet expectations.

We strongly believe that we need to make vast improvements upon our performance at IQA World Cup in order to regain your trust.

To improve upon the IQA World Cup 2018 and host stellar world wide events that will exceed the community’s expectations, we need your bids. We have become aware that certain aspects of the bid package are discouraging you from bidding. Please note that everything in the bid package is not a requirement, and not being able to provide one aspect listed in this document will likely not prevent you from hosting the event. If there is anything in the bid package that is preventing you from bidding, or if you have any questions about the bid package or any other topics, please let us know! We want to host amazing continental games and an even more amazing IQA World Cup, but we need your support. As a reminder, bids are due by Oct. 1, 2018.


New Zealand’s National Sport to Become More Inclusive

On Aug. 25, 2018, New Zealand’s Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern noted the importance of making New Zealand’s national sport, more inclusive.

In an interview with Radio New Zealand, Ardern explained, “For me if rugby is going to include us as women it should represent us equally, and have a relationship with us equally, both as players and spectators, and that means, as it does with every area of life, including women fairly, giving women the opportunity to excel, paying them appropriately, and providing leadership opportunities. 


This Month in the IQA August

The IQA is pleased to announce that the August edition of This Month in the IQA is available. Check back next month for the September edition. In the meantime feel free to reach out to Interim Executive Director Andy Marmer at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with any questions. 


Farewell to former Executive Director Rebecca Alley

In June 2018, Executive Director Rebecca Alley announced her resignation from the IQA, effective today, August 31. Rebecca brought tremendous changes to the quidditch community, to the International Quidditch Association (IQA), and the sport itself since she became executive director in November 2016.

Rebecca began playing quidditch at the University of Ottawa in January of 2011 and coached her team until 2014. Her knowledge and love of the sport continued to grow as she became more involved in the administrative side of quidditch, volunteering in a number of capacities. She served as the coaching resource development coordinator with Quidditch Canada, where she created a resource base for Canadian coaches and wrote a coaching blog. Rebecca also volunteered as the executive manager of the IQA European Committee and held a variety of positions on the committees for European Quidditch Cup 2015, the 2015 IQA European Games, and the 2016 IQA World Cup.


The IQA Commends Countries For Recognizing Third Gender

Over the last four months, several governments have begun to recognize a third gender for official records.

On Aug. 15, 2018, Germany’s Cabinet approved a third gender option “diverse” for official records to recognize people who are neither male nor female. Germany joins Austria whose Constitutional Court ruled in June that people could be entered into official records as a gender other than male or female. Additionally, on May 28, 2018, a court in the Netherlands said that there is a need for a third gender to be recognized.

These developments run alongside worldwide recognition outside Europe. In the United States last year, Oregon became the first state in June 2017 to allow a nonbinary gender option on driver’s licenses. California, Massachusetts, Maine, Washington, and Washington, D.C. have followed suit in passing legislation to recognize a third gender on legal documents. Other states have proposed legislation to allow for a nonbinary gender on legal documents. There has also been similar legislation in Australia and Canada.

The International Quidditch Association (IQA) commends these decisions and stands behind its commitment to gender inclusivity both on and off the pitch. As a diverse community who has been inclusive for more than 10 years, the IQA is proud to hold the values many countries are beginning to recognize.

This Month in the IQA

Hello Everyone,

Welcome to this month in the IQA. This will replace the NGB digest that was previously sent to NGBs and will be released first to NGBs and later to the public. We are exploring ways to deliver this as a monthly newsletter to inboxes, so stay tuned for more on that. IQA volunteers would love to hear your feedback. 


IQA Events 2019-2020 Bid Update

As announced after the IQA World Cup 2018, the International Quidditch Association has released additional information on the IQA Continental Games 2019 and IQA World Cup 2020. As a reminder:

  • Bids for Continental Games will be due by September 15, 2018
  • Bids for World Cup will be due by October 1, 2018.

We are looking forward to working together to plan the next round of international tournaments and showcasing quidditch to a global audience.


United States Reclaims Gold at 2018 IQA World Cup in Florence

Two years ago, entering the 2016 IQA World Cup, almost no one predicted that the then-unbeaten US National Team could possibly lose a game. However, after dropping the 2016 finals to Australia 150*-130, the United States entered the 2018 IQA World Cup with a single goal: redemption. After avenging their 2016 loss in both group play and the quarterfinals, knocking out 2017 European champions Team UK in the semifinals and finally defeating an upstart Belgium squad 120*-70 in the finals, Team USA has accomplished their ultimate aim. After competing against 28 other teams in Florence, Italy, the U.S. reclaimed their title as champions.


Recent Staff Changes at the International Quidditch Association

The International Quidditch Association (IQA) is pleased to announce that Andy Marmer will be serving as interim executive director alongside Rebecca Alley who will remain in the executive director role until August 31. Andy has been serving as a trustee since January 2017 and prior to that founded and led the Quidditch Post for nearly three years.

In addition, Betsy Lewin-Leigh has been hired as Head of Human Resources. Betsy is the Deputy Director of the Quidditch Premier League, a position she has held since August 2017 and previously served as Executive Assistant to the Director.


The International Quidditch Association would like to announce that the following volunteers have resigned from their positions. We thank all of these volunteers for their hard work, passion and dedication and wish them the best in their future endeavors:


IQA events 2019 - Bid package deadline update

As was announced shortly after World Cup, the IQA will be changing our schedule for IQA Event bidding so that we can use the lessons learned from this World Cupto ensure high quality events in the future.