The Gameplay Department hires a new staff

Published: 12 November 2017
Written by IQA Staff

The IQA is delighted to announce the arrival of dedicated volunteers to develop quidditch gameplay.

You can reach them out on:

Referee Development Team manager: Chris LeCompte

Chris LeCompte's picture
Photo credit: AJ Ajanthy Photography

Chris goals are to improve the quality of referees globally, to increase the accessibility of the rulebook, and to increase transparency of the RDT.
He is originally from Maryland, USA, and he currently resides in Boston, Massachusetts, USA. He is an 8th grade science teacher in Cambridge, Massachusetts. He has been a player in quidditch since 2013 and a referee since 2014. He has refereed other sports since 2011 and trained referees since 2012. The highlights of his refereeing career are refereeing at World Cup 8, USQC 9, World Cup 2016 (including the Bronze Medal Match between the UK and Canada), and EG 2017.

Referee Development Team assistant manager: Steven Daly

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Photo credit: Durham University Quidditch Club

Steven main mission for the RDT is to build up the relationship with the quidditch community, and through co-operation and transparency, improve the standards of refereeing across the world. He is originally from Grimsby, UK and have spent the last 5 years in Leeds. He has been playing quidditch since the days of USQ Rulebook 7 (about 4 years) and has been a certified match official for almost as long. He applied for the position in the RDT because he feels that referees are at the front line of how regulations interacts with quidditch, and as such is the best place to focus energy in order to improve the sport. By refining that relationship and making the level of referees higher and higher, the RDT will improve the sport from both a player's perspective, and from a global management point of view, and honestly, what more can we ask for?

Rulebook team members

Eamonn Harrison

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Photo credit: Ajantha Abey Quidditch Photography

Eamonn was part of the team that developed the IQA 2016-2018 rulebook and is thrilled to have the opportunity to continue that work. He believes that there is plenty of room to improve on the current rulebook, mostly in making the language more concise and easy to understand. He first started playing quidditch in 2013 in St Andrews, UK and has been refereeing since 2014. He now plays for Tornadoes QC and was lucky enough to play and referee at World Cup 2016 and European Games 2017 for Team Ireland. He was born and raised in Shropshire, England and now lives in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Lisa Tietze

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Photo credit: Lisa Tietze

Currently, Lisa plays and lives in Norway where she pursues a PhD in biotechnology. Originally, she comes from Germany. Quidditch has been a substantial part of her life in the last 3.5 years and she has filled different roles within the sport from being national team player, coach, member of the German NGB board and referee. Initially, she started reading the rulebook because she wanted to participate in the rules discussions that took place within her team. That was quickly followed by the wish to put that knowledge into action, so she became a referee. Her first impression was that refereeing was fun and that people were needed to do this, but also that there was still a lot of work to do on the rulebook. She loves to have an impact on such a prominent level, hopefully paving the way for the next generation of highly motivated referees.