IQA International Event Eligibility

Published: 12 February 2018
Written by IQA Staff

Ahead of this summer IQA World Cup in Florence (Italy), the International Quidditch Association updated the event eligibility for the current season (2017-2018). 



This document determine which nations and athletes are eligible to compete to IQA-sanctioned events. 

All qualifying applicants for a national team should be considered and have an equal chance under a fair and transparent method of selection. 

Follow this link to find the complete document. 

Every National Governing Body (NGB) or Emerging Area may set their own criteria for who may be compete on their team, however at a minimum athletes must:

AND at least one of the following:

NGBs and Emerging Areas are free to set more restrictive guidelines for selection to their national team. 

Further details can be found in the full policy document. Any questions, concerns or queries concerning the policy or its implications for the IQA World Cup 2018 should be emailed to Tournament Director Tegan Bridge at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..