Meet the World Cup 2018 Organizational Committee

Published: 04 March 2018
Written by IQA Staff

9 volunteers are fully dedicated to organize the IQA World Cup 2018 in Florence, from June 27 to July 2, with support from the International Quidditch Association. 


Tournament Director: Tegan Bridge

© Tegan Bridge

Her quidditch career started in 2011 when she co-founded a team at the University of Ottawa. Since then, she has served in many roles, most notably as the founding executive director of Quidditch Canada. Tegan has organized tournaments large and small and has held numerous major role on a tournament committee. She played for Team Canada in 2012 at the first IQA World Cup in Oxford and is excited to work to make this World Cup the best yet.


Assistant Tournament Director: Junia Amanti

© Junia Amanti

Junia Amanti plays Quidditch since 2013. Most of the time, she played in Lecce, her hometown, in southern Italy, where she founded two teams: Lupiae Quidditch Academy and Tarantulae Quidditch Lecce. She was part of the first Italian national team, that was supposed to go in Canada for Global Games. Now she is playing for Siena Ghibellines Quidditch Club. 

In the passed few years she has been Tournament Director for the first “Girone Rosso”, the interregional competition for the center-south of Italy and Volunteers Manager during the last Italian Quidditch Cup. 

For a year, she is the Promotional Events Manager for AIQ (Italian National Governing Body). She is a philosophy student at Università degli studi di Siena. 

She likes to be helpful and nothing seemed to be a better occasion than the IQA World Cup 2018 for making good things and trying herself out. With her role, she wants to help the International Quidditch Association to make the best event as well as letting all the teams feeling like being at home.  


Treasurer: Vanessa Sliva 

© R.A. 

Vanessa comes to us from the USA where she has been playing quidditch since her first year of university. She has just finished her bachelor's degree in business and finance from the University of Texas and has work experience in accounting and consulting. Vanessa is excited to put her skills to use to ensure quidditch players for years to come can take part in the sport she has come to love. She is also the IQA Finance Director. 


Gameplay Manager: Laurens Grinwis Plaat Stultjes

© Alix Marie d'Avigneau & Pauline Raes

Laurens found his way into quidditch in the Summer of 2013 when scrolling through Twitter. With no teams in Belgium, he contacted a Canadian and started the Brussels Qwaffles. Less than a year later he co-found the Ghent Gargoyles. 

He played a key role in several national and international tournaments in the last 3 years, where he was part of the committees as Gameplay Director and Tournament Director of events like Belgian Quidditch Cup, Benelux Quidditch Cup and European Quidditch Cup. 

Laurens will now be joining the World Cup Organizational Committee trying to make everything run as smooth as possible and ensure national teams go home with a good balance between competition and experience.


Referee and Snitch coordinator: Pauline Raes

© Ajantha Abey Quidditch Photography

Pauline Raes has discovered quidditch in November 2014. She has played with the Ghent Gargoyles and Bruges Bridgebacks. She is not affiliated with any team anymore but occasionally participate in a fantasy tournament. She has been refereeing since February 2015.

She currently volunteers in 2 organizations. She is the Belgian Quidditch League coordinator and secretary in the Belgian Quidditch Federation. She is also the IQA Head of Gameplay. In her professional life she works in a detention center in Bruges, Belgium.

She has joined the World Cup 2018 Organizational Committee because she is passionate about the sport and wants to share this passion by trying to guarantee a smooth tournament with quality officials. She has held the same position on the organizational committees of World Cup 2016 and European Games 2017. She really looks forward to seeing everyone in Florence! 


Volunteer Coordinator: Alex Drose

© Alex Drose

Alex Drose has been involved in quidditch since 2011. She founded UNC Chapel Hill Quidditch then played for a few months with the Milano Meneghini while abroad and attended the 1st Random Cup in Paris. She also played briefly for the Appalachian Apparators then switched over to volunteering with US Quidditch as a Volunteer Coordinator. She played for UNC at US Quidditch Cup 7, then volunteered as a Field Manager for US Quidditch Cup 8 and have served on USQ event staff year round since US Quidditch Cup 9. She also quite enjoys video games, reading, her lovely cats, and all things with chocolate. Currently she is in her first year as a Professional Residence Hall Director at the College of Charleston in South Carolina after earning her Masters in Higher Education this past May. Alex is so excited joining the 2018 World Cup Organizational Committee as she earned her Bachelor's degree in Italian and has been longing to go back and visit her friends there, most of whom play(ed) quidditch. This was the perfect combination (Italy + quidditch) for her so she is glad to be into the Organizational Committee! Her expectations for the tournament are high and she promises to do her best to make it run as smoothly as possible. 


Marketing Director: Tommaso Montanari  

© GTU Udine

Tommaso is the team captain of Midgard Vikings Quidditch Triveneto, an Italian team launched this season with players from North-Eastern Italy. He is also a sport journalist for a local e-magazine and manages a monthly column about Italian quidditch. Tommaso is a 2nd year Ph.D student in Medical Biotechnology at the University of Udine, where he manages the drama club. 

He joined the organizational committee to contribute to the success of this huge tournament. This is an important challenge and he will bring all his energy to make the IQA World Cup 2018 the finest and memorable event for the years to come.    



Logistics Manager: Michele Clabassi 

© Giada Mandaglio

Michele currently lives in Milan where he works in an IT company as a developer. He will move to the USA very soon. He started playing in 2012 and has played for Milano Meneghins at club level, and for Team Italy, having the honour of being both captain and coach at different points, and he is currently part of the staff for the present iteration of the team. He has covered a number of positions nationally and internationally: first president then board member of the AIQ (Italian National Governing Body), whereas with the International Quidditch Association: European Expansion chair, Referee Development Team representative, Congress member, European Quidditch Cup 2014 Ref Coordinator, European Games 2015 gameplay coordinator...

Michele has always been involved in quidditch since its first steps in Italy (and its second in Europe). He is familiar with international quidditch, with italian quidditch, and with some of the biggest downfalls of the two international events hosted in his country so far. He wanted to do his part to ensure a top level event in Italy this year. He expects more surprising results like in 2016, an increased interest from spectators and media. It's going to be hard but he also would love to bring to this world cup some of that Italian spirit that he knows some players have tasted in Sarteano 3 years ago. All details aside, what he is hoping for is, a few years down the line, to overhear someone saying "Oh remember that thing in Florence at World Cup? That was AWESOME!". Quidditch themed wine doesn't count. Did that already.


Logistics Staff Member: Leonardo Sampieri

© Rossella Bonci

Leonardo Sampieri played quidditch since October 2015, just after European Games 2015 in Sarteano. His teammates founded his hometown team just after the European Games and he joined them a couple of months later. He is the coach of Siena Ghibellines QC since April 2016 and Italian Referee coordination team member since April 2017, with RB9 and RB1618 HR certification. Also he is AIQ vice-president since September 2017. As international quidditch experience he served as voluntary ref for Italian NGB at 2017 European Quidditch Cup in Mechelen.

He is a bank employee since 2009 and he works in Florence province since 2010.

He applied for the World Cup Organizational Committee because he'd like to be useful to the IQA and he is thrilled to have the next world cup in Florence. He thinks it’s important that everyone tries to play its part to ensure a smooth running of the event: the world cup could greatily help quidditch developing in Italy, so it should be important for every italian player to lend a hand somehow. Florence is near to his hometown, Siena, and even nearer to his workplace, so he thought he could use the advantaged geographical position to help the logistic staff to find and verify locations and equipment. Moreover, he normally works with emails so he can keep in contact with collaborators and providers.

Florence is a very interactive and receptive city, used to host and enhance any kind of event, and he thinks quidditch would have a great showcase in such location. He hopes to meet players from all around the world, improve his reffing and enjoy a great quidditch! 


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