IQA World Cup 2018 Roster Policy

Published: 11 April 2018
Written by IQA Staff

 To ensure a smooth event, the World Cup Organizational Committee has created the Tournament Roster Policy. 

The following tournament roster rules will be enforced at the IQA World Cup 2018:

Teams may have a maximum of 25 players on their tournament roster.

For each day of the tournament, captains may select up to 21 players to include on that day’s roster. The roster may be edited up until 8 hours before the first game of the day, at which point it must be submitted to gameplay.

Players not included on that day’s roster will have entry into the tournament but cannot enter the player area during a game.

Teams may also bring a maximum of 5 non-playing staff members. These staff members are allowed entrance to the event as part of their team, but they cannot enter a game as players under any circumstances.

Only 3 non-playing staff members may be in the player area during a game.

Speaking captains can change between games. Speaking captains can be either a player or a non-playing staff member within the player area.

You can find the full document here:

IQA World Cup 2018 Tournament Roster Policy