IQA World Cup Schedule and Uganda - FAQ

Published: 09 June 2018
Written by IQA Staff

Here you will find further information on the IQA's decisions relating to the schedule, and our ongoing commitment to Uganda:


Why is the IQA pushing for Uganda to attend World Cup 2018?

Uganda intended to compete at World Cup 2016, but due to visa and financial issues the team was unable to come. This year, we made it a principle goal to have Uganda attend. As such, the IQA started their assistance long before the start of World Cup 2018, to grant ample time for preparation.


What steps have the IQA taken to bring Uganda to World Cup?

The IQA has been working since the end of last year, to ensure the organisation has the time to help Uganda’s journey to World Cup. Our activities have included providing letters to officials within Uganda, and offering assistance both financial and otherwise to the team. We have also been liaising with Italian visa authorities to facilitate Uganda’s attendance. Additionally, Uganda has been working to set up meetings with government officials to clear their journey. As we have said previously, it is a complicated process to bring a team from Uganda to World Cup and we have honestly been caught off guard by some of the logistical challenges that we have faced. Nonetheless we are comfortable saying we have worked judiciously to bring the team to World Cup and very much hope they will be able to join us.


What issues have the IQA faced?

The first is financial. Even with the money raised from the initial fundraiser in 2016, there was not enough to fly the team to Florence. As such, the IQA pledged additional funding from 2016 event revenue to support the team’s potential journey to World Cup 2018.

The second is passports and visas. The IQA started their assistance of Uganda well in advance of the tournament. However, the process for approval is lengthy and complicated in Uganda.  This continues to be the main barrier for Uganda’s arrival.


If Uganda can come, what will the tournament’s structure be?

The tournament would consist of 30 rather than 29. A schedule has been made for both scenarios and will be promptly released if needed.


How would the finances intended for Uganda be used if the team cannot come?

There are four buckets of money that funds allocated to Uganda fall into.

  1. The first is money spent on the initial fundraiser. A portion of the money initially raised was used to satisfy perks in connection with the fundraiser.
  2. The second is money that has been spent or is set aside for spending on visa applications for players. This is a portion of the funds raised in the fundraising campaign.
  3. The third is money raised in the initial fundraiser not already spent or set aside for a particular expense. If Uganda is unable to attend World Cup 2018, the IQA will consider a number of possibilities with this money including but not limited to:
    1. attempting to bring Uganda to continental games in 2019 or World Cup in 2020
    2. equipment or other expenses for Uganda
    3. support to other developing NGBs either as part of or separate from our Bursary Program.

If Uganda cannot attend World Cup 2018, we will consider all combinations of these and more scenarios. We welcome any suggestions or proposals from our members and the community, feel free to contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

  1. The fourth category is money out of the IQA’s general operating budget, primarily comprising event revenue and membership dues, which the IQA pledged to assist with additional travel expenses on the assumption that visas and passports are approved. If Uganda cannot attend the event, a determination on the best allocation of this money will be made following World Cup once a more complete picture of the finances from that event are available. The IQA invests 100% of its money in the organisation and the development of quidditch worldwide and any funds spent will be consistent with that.


Why have you waited so long to make this announcement?

We really want and are really hopeful that Uganda will attend World Cup. We don’t want to promise their attendance without confirmation and we have been waiting as long as we thought able to make a determination one way or the other. At this point, we feel that it is not fair to teams and players to wait any longer though. We are still doing everything we can to bring the team to Florence, but at such a close date to the event, we are considering next steps if the team is unable to get the necessary legal clearance to travel.