A message from the IQA's Board of Trustees and Executive Leadership on the Harlem Globepotters and Team World game

Published: 06 July 2018
Written by IQA Leadership

Content Warning: Sexual Assault and Racial Microaggressions

As many of you are aware, during the game between the Harlem Globepotters and Team World as part of Friday's opening ceremonies, an individual participating in that game wore a jersey making light of statutory rape. The organizer of that game and the player wearing the jersey both apologized to the IQA, the individuals who originally brought it to our attention on Friday, and on social media in the discussion about the issue. Following the game in question, we spoke with the player in question and he apologized; we accepted this apology, made sure the jersey would be removed from the event, and took no further action at the time. We are not going to highlight this individual, nor are we going to elaborate on the incident, however, we are reviewing this incident further and evaluating how we can better handle similar issues that may arise.

While the IQA was not directly responsible for oversight of the exhibition match, we sincerely apologize for our lack of oversight of the situation and for not taking the proper disciplinary measures over the course of the weekend. Both the statutory rape joke and the racially insensitive name “Harlem Globepotters” are strongly opposed to the values that the IQA, and the global quidditch community, holds, and we are at fault for not properly vetting all aspects of our event. We recognize that our organization has a checkered past with regards to misconduct, and we are actively looking for ways to improve. We very much want this and other past instances to be a learning opportunity for us as an organization and for the community as a whole. We also want to sincerely apologize for any offense that was caused and for failing to represent the sport as well as we should. All eyes are on us, and it is our responsibility to represent our members and NGB’s in a way that befits their successes and professionalism.

To those of you with experience in these areas either in quidditch or outside of our sport, we would like to ask you for your suggestions, or if you have the time and energy, your help. It has become clear that the IQA needs clear policies on what is and isn’t appropriate conduct, as well as clear consequences for any inappropriate behavior. Furthermore, we could use help in pinpointing how we as an organization can encourage appropriate, professional conduct by our volunteers, our partners, and any event attendees, as well as swiftly deal with any potential inappropriate conduct.

This lack of support is not to excuse our lack of oversight, rather, it is to encourage individuals in the community to aid us in helping quidditch soar to new heights. Again, these incidents occurred at our event, and it was our responsibility to ensure that these egregious actions would have been swiftly remedied.

In terms of concrete actions, we are currently looking into a more extensive jersey policy for the IQA’s official events - such as World Cup and Continental Games - which would extend to jersey names. We will be discussing this issue further with our Gameplay Department as well as our member NGBs, to come to a policy we can all agree on that will help us avoid incidents like this in future.

Furthermore, a specific team within the IQA will be working on creating a long overdue Code of Conduct.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

We deeply regret any harm that our lack of oversight may have caused, and we hope to exceed your expectations in the near future.

Best regards,

IQA Leadership