This Month in the IQA August

Published: 06 September 2018
Written by IQA Staff

The IQA is pleased to announce that the August edition of This Month in the IQA is available. Check back next month for the September edition. In the meantime feel free to reach out to Interim Executive Director Andy Marmer at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with any questions. 



On August 15, the IQA released the rulebook for 2018-20. Following the release, we are working on developing the referee tests. While these tests are nearing completion, we are still unsure of how best to roll them out given the new referee development team (RDT) site that is in progress. We have broached this question with National Governing Bodies (NGBs) and are taking their feedback into consideration.

We are also working on an update to the rulebook to correct grammatical errors, clarify rule wording, and update referee signals. We do not yet have a timeline for this project.

Longer term, RDT, the snitch development team (SDT), and a newly created coaching development team are looking to begin compiling resources. If you are aware of any resources that already exist to help in improving referees, snitches or coaches, please email them to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

We are also working on translating the rulebook and have reached out to the community to learn about individual translation initiatives already taking place and to find potential volunteers to add to our translator pool to improve efficiency. Our translators and community translators are currently working together to offer translations into Dutch, Catalan, French, Spanish, Italian, German, and Swedish. We are further aware of a Polish translation being made, and are looking into the possibilities of working with the Vietnamese and Brazilian communities to offer translations into their respective languages in the future. If your NGB is working on a translation, or you are aware of people who could help us translate the rulebook into these and other languages, please reach out to Translation Manager Joke Daems at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

IQA Development Fund

We are seeking proposals on how to spend the IQA’s development fund, which was initially raised for Uganda and currently contains approximately 6,000 Euros. This fund is earmarked specifically for promoting the development of quidditch. If you have ideas for the use of these funds, please reach out to us. Based on feedback the IQA’s volunteers will develop a proposed allocation of this fund.


Our board of trustees approved an operating budget for the period from September 1 to December 31. The only large anticipated expense is for possible site visits in connection with Continental Games and World Cup if bidding cities to not pay the full cost. To avoid issues from the 2018 IQA World Cup, we are seeking to visit each finalist to ensure it meets our expectations.

Complaints Processes

One area where we feel the IQA can do better is in taking feedback and stepping in where others are not acting as they should. Areas in particular that have come to mind are (i) where NGBs have neglected their responsibilities to their members; (ii) where referees are either not treated properly by tournaments or do a poor job; and (iii) where the IQA or its volunteers fail the public at large. Accordingly we are looking to begin a complaints process. The first step in this is to hire a complaints manager. This person will report to the human resources director and the executive director, but due to the nature of their work will operate largely independently and free of pressures from the larger IQA. This idea is in early development, and we are looking for a manager who can lead this team and make it their own.


A strong focus for the human resources department this month has been recruitment and hiring. There have been many new hires, and some volunteers have transitioned to different positions to better utilize their skills. These hires also include some fresh faces to IQA management.

New hires and/or promotions within the IQA this month include:

  • Nathan Archer - social media staffer

  • Kristin Backert - copy editor

  • Cindy Callens - events assistant

  • Erina Chavez - IT director - moving from graphic designer

  • Steven Daly - interim gameplay director - moving from referee development

    team (RDT) assistant manager

  • Joke Daems - translations manager - moving from translator

  • Agathe Delépine - legal staffer

  • Heather Dimmer - gameplay assistant

  • Lindsay Garten - editorial manager

  • Kevin Hayes - legal staffer

  • Bronnie Jeynes - social media manager - moving from social media staffer

  • Chris Lau - legal staffer

  • Lena Mandahus - deputy editorial manager

  • Alexis Moody - lead developer

  • Tamara Morris - policies manager

  • Shaqib Shahrilnizam - social media staffer

  • Katelyn Stubberfield - copy editor

Unfortunately we also must say goodbye to our deputy communications director Tom Ffiske who is leaving us to more fully pursue ​other​ ​opportunities​. Ffiske was crucial in overseeing our promotional efforts for World Cup and we wish him the best in all of his pursuits.

The IQA has a number of key vacancies that we are looking to fill in order to better serve our members and the quidditch community. These include:


  • Trustee
  • Executive Director
  • Secretary
  • Gameplay Director
  • Referee Development Team Manager
  • Snitch Development Team Manager
  • RDT Member
  • SDT Member
  • Complaints Manager
  • Policies Staffer
  • Copy Editor
  • Writer
  • Graphic Designer
  • Translator
  • Accounting Assistant
  • National Governing Body Liaison



 As with many organizations, the IQA is in need of additional volunteers; however, we recognize that not everyone who wants to contribute to the IQA has the time to take on a full-time role. We are looking for volunteers who want to only help with a specific project with no long-term commitment.

Accordingly, each month, we are going to list the projects that we hope to work on where we feel we could use additional help, in the hope that someone reading this will feel as though they can contribute and work to grow quidditch globally or know someone else who might want to do the same. We do not intend to work on all of these efforts at once as this would be beyond our capacity.

Interest is not a guarantee that you will be selected to help and there will still be an interview process for applicants.

  • Rulebook translation

  • Event eligibility policy

  • Injuries policy

  • Events volunteer policy

  • Intoxicating substance policy

  • Events emergencies policy

  • Events weapons and safety policy

  • Roster and alternates policy

  • Ways to outline a pitch

  • Tips for running tournaments/different styles of tournaments

  • How to organize a quidditch team (management and financial tips)

  • Referee equipment and signals

  • Injury awareness and prevention

  • Gender awareness

  • Basic practice drills

  • Snitch referee and runner tips

Policies and Procedures

One of the things the HR department has been prioritizing is creating consistent and fair policies and procedures for the organization as well as a new IQA volunteer code of conduct and handbook. Policies currently being developed are complaints and harassment policies. Additionally, we are currently developing a sexual violence policy and procedure to be implemented and released alongside the harassment and complaints policies. These policies are still in their early stages, but we are excited to assume a leadership position in this area, where too often the IQA has been inactive previously.

Fiscal Year

The IQA’s new fiscal year began on September 1. Subject to the adoption of a new constitution, the board is exploring changing the IQA’s fiscal year, from September 1 through August 31, to January 1 through December 31 in order to provide more time after summer tournaments to finalize finances and to provide ease of accounting going forward.

Tournament Report

The events department has collected information for the tournament report from all members of the World Cup Organizing Committee and people who helped out on an organizational level. We are still reaching out to some people to get additional information where needed to write the full report, but have started on the first draft.

The tournament report is scheduled be released in the beginning of October.


A draft copy of the new IQA constitution was reviewed by the constitution requirements committee of Congress to confirm that it matches its expectations. This feedback is being brought to our attorney and once taken into account, we hope to send the constitution out to all NGBs for their feedback (and hopefully approval), bringing us several steps closer to incorporation. The IQA continues to plan to incorporate in the state of Delaware in the United States and pursue 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status thereafter.

Executive Director Hiring

After our first round of applications, the IQA’s board has decided to not to appoint an executive director at this stage and instead reopen applications for this position or other senior leadership roles in the IQA. Andy Marmer will continue as interim executive director while we continue this search. Some of the feedback we have received has been that people are interested in leading the IQA, but not in the roles that currently exist. We are very open to the prospect of changing our senior leadership structure, so if you are interested and have ideas, get in touch. And if you know someone who you think would be great, let us know and convince them to apply.

NGB Slack

We have recently created a Slack team for NGB representatives and high level IQA volunteers. The point of this is to facilitate communication among NGBs and between NGBs and the IQA.

NGB Partnership Program

The first round of applications have been processed for the previously announced NGB Partnership Program, and we have successfully created three NGB Partnerships. These organizations will be trading gameplay resources, player outreach strategies, training tips, and more. Pairings were made with declared preferences from the submitted application, geographical proximity, and language barriers.


With the formation of the new editorial team, we are looking to hire copy editors, writers, and people to place photos in articles. If you or anyone you know is interested, please have them contact Lindsay Garten through Facebook, email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Thank you to everyone who responded to our feedback request on the first version of the new IQA website! The feedback we received was very in depth, honest, and helpful in focusing on which sections of the website to keep, improve, and remove. Progress for version two has slowed and the expected release has been pushed back. This is due to a reconsideration of the most ideal time to release a new website for the IQA brand image, and to allow more time to focus on the upcoming RDT website.

RDT Website

Alexis Moody has joined our team as the lead developer overseeing the completion of the RDT website. Alexis’ technical and leadership background serves as a huge benefit to the project. With her steering the ship, we expect to have several updates in the coming month with a tentative completion date of October 1.


Thank you all for reading. We hope you enjoyed this and learned something. We very much hope you will consider supporting our projects.