IQA Releases 2018-20 Referee Hub Website and Written Tests as well as Updated Rulebook

Published: 01 October 2018
Written by IQA Staff

The International Quidditch Association is pleased to release the new Referee Hub website, which will house the new head referee, assistant referee, and snitch referee written tests for the new 2018-20 Rulebook; it will also be home to all IQA referee development resources going forward. As noted in an earlier announcement, the registration process for the website and written tests have been updated, meaning future referees can now register for an account on their own and no longer need an access code from their National Governing Body.

To go along with the release of the written referee tests, we have also released the newest version of the rulebook. This version includes the new referee signal appendix, which consists of the full collection of visual signals a quidditch referee might need to use during a game. The appendix includes example images and GIFs, making them easier to understand and learn.
We have also fixed some of the small textual mistakes as noticed by the rulebook team and the wider community, mainly around missing distance conversions, as well as one case of a rounding error on the pitch diagram image.

The updated rulebook contains no changed rules, but does contain one textual clarification of a rule: For rule 1.2.3.C.i, “A team may not start a game if it they cannot field a full legal set of players” has been changed to “A team may not start a game if it they cannot field a full legal set of seven players.”