Deathly Dragons Rosario are the champions of the fourth Copa Del Sur

Published: 19 December 2018
Written by IQA Staff

On Dec. 14-15, 2018, the fourth edition of Copa del Sur was held in Lima, Peru. Seven teams competed to become the South America champion. The Deathly Dragons Rosario were crowned as the champions defeating the Leones Quidditch Club, 220*-160.

The first and second editions of Copa del Sur were held in Buenos Aires, Argentina in 2015 and 2016. Last year Copa del Sur was held in Santiago, Chile, and this year the competition took place in Peru for the first time.

 This year’s competition featured one team from Chile, five teams from Peru, and one team from Argentina.

IQA Spanish translator Javiera González Nicolaides, a member of the Santiago Snidgets in Chile, was one of the organizers of the event.

“There are from two to three representatives from each country: Chile, Peru and Brazil,” said Nicolaides. “Most of the referees are from attending teams, except for Diogo Broda, from Brazil, who is exclusively refereeing.”  

At this year’s event there were approximately 140 players and an additional 10 non-playing volunteers. Each team had 21 players with the exception of the Santiago Snidgets.

In addition to the experience the organizers each brought from their own country, the Confederación del Sur received support from the IQA in setting up this year’s event.

“We got some tips from Alberto Coronado, IQA membership director, when we spoke with him to get tips to set up an NGB.”

The event was primarily run by America Sedano an IQA volunteer in the membership department, along with her husband Jorge Aquije Santa Gadea.

“They are great, they are really great people,” said Nicolaides. “I had the chance to come here earlier and to help them with the organization. And it was great. Like, I really value the things she and Jorge have done for this event and I think we are more friends now than we were before, thanks to that.”

Nicolaides was particularly impressed with the sportsmanship throughout the event.

“Teams in general showed respect for one another, the level of fair play was far higher than the last cup, and you could see friendship flourishing everywhere,” Nicolaides said.

Photo Credit: Confederación del Sur - Quidditch