Odense Recap

Published: 03 November 2016
Written by Nikita Kane, Photos by Matthew Guenzel

Over the past weekend Nicole Hammer, Pauline Raes, and Matthew Guenzel were invited to Odense, Denmark, to take part in a Harry Potter festival.

They organised and set up an exhibition game of quidditch with the City of Odense where the city had hosted quidditch members by providing them hotel, meals, and also travel stipends to attend.

During the festival Team UK played Team Norway. Pauline got a chance to enforce the new IQA rules.

Team Norway warming up before the match

(Team Norway warming up before the match)

"People took pictures, asked questions, someone who wants to start a team played in a small scrimmage... so I think we could call it a successful event," said Pauline.

Teams got the opportunity to play friendly games and bond as a community as well as view the city.


The IQA members also used this opportunity to promote quidditch in Denmark and teach kids how to play.
"I thought that it was fantastic. It was a great chance for other teams to get to know each other and a great opportunity for us to recruit for Danish Quidditch," said Nicole.

The IQA thanks Odense, Denmark and Odense Centralbibliotek for this opportunity and hopes to participate with them again.

Nicole Hammer