IQA Hiring Announcement

Published: 02 June 2017
Written by IQA Staff

The IQA is pleased to announce the hiring of three department heads in the past week. We are excited to have all these talented team members working with our existing volunteers to make the IQA more effective in serving its members.

Finance Director: Vanessa Sliva

Vanessa Sliva's picture

Vanessa comes to us from the USA where she has been playing quidditch since her first year of university. She has just finished her bachelor's degree in business and finance from the University of Texas and has work experience in accounting and consulting. Vanessa is excited to put her skills to use to ensure quidditch players for years to come can take part in the sport she has come to love.

Head of Communications: Armand Cosseron

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Photo credit: Malicia Photo

Armand has been involved in the quidditch community since 2014 and is currently attending the University of Paris - Sorbonne for his master's in communications. He has managed the FQF's communications department for the past 1.5 years, working to find crucial insights on the federation's and the teams' needs and then meet them through his communications strategies. Armand is now happy bring his energy to serve worldwide quidditch.

Head of Business Development: Tom Ffiske

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Photo credit: Christy Kuuky

Tom became involved in quidditch at the University of Exeter. His previous work in quidditch includes coordinating the launch of the Quidditch Premier League in the UK, and working as the PR and marketing coordinator for Quidditch UK. He will be bringing his PR and marketing skills to the IQA to help us find partnerships and worldwide recognition as a sport. Tom is excited to showcase and expand quidditch worldwide.

A final new volunteer is Lisa Tietze - Lisa will be working on a project basis with the RDT for the next month to correct errors in the IQA Rulebook. She will be seeking public input to help with this project. If you have noticed errors in the rulebook please email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to ensure we find everything!

If you are interested in joining us too, please see our current vacancies.