Odense Teams

Published: 19 October 2017
Written by IQA Staff


Quidditch is new in Denmark but it is on the rise! Most members of the team have played less than a year, but we are ready! It is our dedicated players' goal to introduce Denmark to the game. With quidditch drawing from the best of all corners of the sport world to create such a fun sport, we will soon reach our goal, and then our red and white shall be seen at all international tournaments of quidditch - starting this weekend at the Odense Harry Potter festival!

Team Denmark
Photo credit: Mathias Boe Lindgren

Team Netherlands

TThe Dutch national quidditch team, also called 'The Flying Dutchmen', ranked 13th at the IQA European Games in Oslo. In anticipation of that tournament, the team was coached by Alexander Blass and Nick van Klaveren. The team is looking forward to improve vastly over the 2017/2018 season. The tournament in Odense will be a great opportunity for them to move forward.

Team Netherlands
Photo credit: Catherine Hail

Team Slovenia

Slovenia, is by all means, a small country and that applies to everything, including sports. In a country, dominated by football, basketball, handball and athletics, we're trying to add a breath of fresh air with quidditch. We had and are having ups and downs, but our goal never really changed from the get-a-go. We're inspired by our more popular sports and are working towards the same success and recognition, that all of them are having. As members and players of our team Aemona Argonauts, we'll proudly put our jersey aside for a while and wear the colors of our country and hopefully do it the justice it deserves. See you on the pitch, Europe!

Team Slovenia
Photo credit: Team Slovenia

Team Ireland

"Craic" is an old Irish word for "general enjoyment, fun and banter". So what's the craic about the Irish at European Games? Although the heart of last year's World Cup Team Ireland is still present, some fresh life was pumped into the team through newly formed clubs in Dublin and Belfast. This means the strongest and the best Ireland has to offer is ready to shake up Europe. The team is made up of players from clubs in Northern Ireland, the Republic of Ireland as well as players with Irish background playing for some of the best clubs in the UK. Each and every player has given their all to be on the team and is dedicated to representing their country well. Some of the players have only begun playing the sport and the sheer improvement in this time is testament to the inclusive and supportive potential of developing this sport more in Ireland.

Team Ireland is one of Europe's oldest NGBs, starting in 2012 and sent national teams to many big events in Europe like to European Games in Italy in 2015 and the World Cup in Germany in 2016 but the Irish have clearly never been as strong as they are now. With fresh blood in their ranks as well as many experienced veterans the emerald isle wants to show the world what they are capable of and are hungry for their first big win.

But in the end - after all the their dedication for the game we all love so much - you can be sure that the Irish are going to bring the craic.

Team Ireland
Photo credit: Claire Purslow

For Team Czech Republic, the Odense tournament, will be the first time, where we'll be playing together as a national team. Based on players from Prague Pegasus, recruited by players from Olomouc, this team is ready to show the best and gain new experience. We are incredibly excited about the tournament and looking forward to competing and winning!

Team Czech Republic
Photo credit: Ondřej Hujňák

Team Iceland

The Icelandic national team is made up of the players of Reykjavík Ragnarök. The team and the NGB was founded on September 24th 2016 and this will be the first tournament that Iceland takes part in. Our goal for the tournament is for our players to get game experience before the World Cup next year. We're very excited to take part and play against other nations that should be around the same level as us.

Team Iceland
Photo credit: Magnús Valur Hermannson

Team Poland

For Team Poland Odense Tournamnet 2017 is their fourth performance, after European Games 2015 2017 and World Cup 2016. This year, the team coached by Marian Dziubiak. It consists of 13 players coming from three polish teams (Warsaw Marmaids, Kraków Dragons and Poznań Capricorns).

Team Poland
Photo credit: Katarzyna Gozdan